ZIVA Rubber Dumbbells

ZIVA Rubber Dumbbells
Product Code: ZIVA Rubber Dumbbells

Original designs utilizing high end technology with egornomically contoured lines. We encase these dumbbells with a durable virgin rubber surface. ZVO evolution series feature precision casting and triple chromed comfortable egornomic grips that stay in the hands with less effort. Urethane endcaps available in different color options for a customized look and feel

ZVO Evolution series rubber products have limited 1 year warranty.

Order Code Item Description
ZVO-DBRB-2001 ZVO Series 2-20Kg Rubber Dumbbell Set (10 pairs)
ZVO-DBRB-2002 ZVO Series 12-30Kg Rubber Dumbbell Set (10 pairs)
ZVO-DBRB-2003 ZVO Series 22-30Kg Rubber Dumbbell Set (5 pairs)
ZVO-DBRB-2004 ZVO Series 32-40Kg Rubber Dumbbell Set (5 pairs)
ZVO-DBRB-2005 ZVO Series 42-50Kg Rubber Dumbbell Set (5 pairs)