EPDM Floor Roll

EPDM Floor Roll
EPDM Floor Roll EPDM Floor Roll EPDM Floor Roll
Product Code: EPDM Floor Roll


  • Rick Colors
  • Environmental friendly, non-toxic
  • Recycled, non-pollution
  • Moderate and adjustable hardness
  • Excellent resilience, wear well
  • Soft, anti-slip, anti-fatigue
  • Convenient installation and easy maintenance


Density (kg/m3) 1000 / 1200
Hardness (Shore A) 60
Stretch (MPa) 2.2
Abrasion resistance 0.0075g (ASTM-D4060-01)
Rebound resistance 55%
Friction coefficient trends µs:0.995
Shape deformation 42%
Length (m) 10/15/20m ±5cm
Width (m) 1m/1.25m ±5mm
Thickness (mm) 4 to 12mm ±0.3mm



Fitness center, leisure center, club, golf practice court, golf club, ice arena, play field, supermarket, office building, office, meeting room, library, museum, stadium, hospital, school, kindergarden, factory and the fitness flooring in the house